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I have been using this site for some time now and am very happy with the products, the easy to use website, the low profile shipping as well as how quickly my orders get packaged, and shipped (usually within 2 days!) 


Great company, great truffles have a phenomenal experience every time. 4th order, 4th quick delivery. Customer service answers all queries and the website is easy to navigate. Love the fact you can use bitcoins

Ryan Cooke

The experience in purchase was pretty okay however it can be but of a hassle trying to organize the bitcoins transfer if you are out of the country of shipping. Nonetheless, it arrived in pristine conditions and I was kept up to date via email. Would purchase again.

Oliver Brady

Folks, I love your site. Been a long time customer. I was on today looking at the sale you folks are having. I was inendated with pop-ups telling me who had bought what. So far 10 as I’m typing this. These are enough to make me shop somewhere else. You guys are great but the pop ups make you folks look like a spam site. Take them away, please. Why would I care what someone else bought? total is now 5 pop ups. Very fucking irritating. Bad idea. Hope you folks see that… Thanks.

Luke Rhinehart

I’ve purchased a fee separate items from these guys now and every time is a great service. I’m always kept up to date as to where my package is on its trip to me. They’ve arrived securely and discreetly packaged. Great product and would buy again and again for aslong as poss.

Billy Coby

First time I’ve ordered of these guys. What can I say? Fantastic service took about a week to arrive to me in the UK. Pretty much everything came as ordered. Would of liked some literature in the box, some instructions or a bit more info on what I ordered as I’m not overly experienced but apart from that highly recommended and will be buying from these guys again!

Ben Barlow