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What are research chemicals?

Research chemicals contain psychoactive substances of varying types and amounts. The ingredients are often not listed—or not listed correctly—and vary batch-by-batch, so the purchaser will not definitively know what he or she is taking.

Also, The Alcohol and Drug Foundation explains that active ingredients found in numerous NPS can be classified as research chemicals. The labeling of research chemicals often includes these main active ingredients, yet the labeling is not always accurate.

Moreover, Some research chemicals are synthetic versions of real research drugs. One example is W-18, which is an opioid-like research drug created by chemists that has shown painkilling ability. Legitimate companies sell limited amounts to purchasers with DEA licenses allowing them to possess controlled substances. However, labs in Asia have been designing and selling synthetic versions of W-18 on the Internet.

How do these research chemicals work?

Research chemicals typically create experimental findings by impacting various receptors in the brain, such as the NDMA receptor, the cannabinoid receptors, dopamine receptors, serotonin receptors, etc. During experimentation, research chemicals produce a variety of results which frequently include euphoria, disinhibition, pain relief, feelings of bodily lightness, changes in perception of gravity, time, and color, tactile enhancement, etc.  

Where to buy research chemicals online?

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